Collaborative Art Workshops

I love to teach! I often work with students who are struggling in school or going through challenges in life. Art workshops are a fun way to explore the experience of flow,  reactive vs. strategic thinking, and encourage personal, thoughtful responses to difficult experiences. The act of drawing helps us think of alternate paths of action, cope with stress, navigate transitions and maintain positive mental health.


I encourage participants to to focus on the physical movement involved in drawing. Dance and body movement are incorporated into the creation of drawings which then act as visual journals, mapping conversations and events. These journals can take many forms depending on the needs and abilities of the students, from small personal books to large collaborative installations. 


Equity & Inclusion Projects

Limestone District School Board

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Drawing as Dance 

Quinte Ballet School of Canada

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Our Journey - Survivor Empowerment Project

Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services

Torture Abolition & Survivor Support Coalition